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Reactivity of organic compounds and applications to synthesis. Spectroscopy is discussed in relation to compound characterization. For premedical and biological sciences students. Credit not awarded for both CHEM 2585 and CHEM 1550. Prerequisite: CHEM 1500 or CHEM 2580.


Prereqs enforced by the system: CHEM 1500 or 2580; Must register for a CHEM 2585 lab Z01-Z18; PACE & Post Bac Pre Med students only even after level restrictions removed; Degree students register for CHEM 2585 A; $85 Fee: Chem Lab Supplies

Section Description

Welcome to Organic Chemistry. The reactions and structures you learn throughout this semester are cumulative and will be applied to discussions later in the semester and into the spring. AIMS: At the end of this course (and Chem2585) a successful student will have developed skills and knowledge that allow them to answer the following questions:- I:- Recognize the atoms and bonding present in common functional groups, their resultant chemical properties and likely reactions. II:- Be able to create rational curved-arrow mechanisms to predict the likely products of reactions. Students that can combine these skills will be most successful, as this skillset will allow them to communicate with scientists in many other fields.

Section Expectation

Students will be expected to work independently to learn mechanisms, reactions, naming of chemical structures, and shapes/relationships of molecules. This will require problem-solving and some memorization.


The course grade will be based on exams, online homework, lab reports and lab quizzes.

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