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First semester of a two-semester sequence. Topics include matter, stoichiometry, gas laws, thermochemistry, quantum theory, atomic structure, electronic configurations, bonding, and intermolecular forces. Credit not awarded for both CHEM 1400 and CHEM 1100, CHEM 1102, or CHEM 1405.


Must register for CHEM 1400 lab Z01-Z07; Credit can not be granted for both CHEM 1400 and 1100 or 1405; $60 fee: CHEM lab supplies; Post Bac Pre Med students only even after level restrictions are removed; Degree students register for CHEM 1400 A

Section Description

In this course, you will begin to master the language of chemistry and study the composition, properties, and interactions of matter from a molecular viewpoint. The importance of chemistry to many fields of science will be emphasized through conceptual problems. We will strive for an understanding of the molecular nature of the world. You will build critical thinking skills through the process of becoming independent problem-solvers. There will be a comprehensive study of quantitative relationships in chemical reactions. Topics include stoichiometry, atomic structure and periodicity, gases and kinetic-molecular theory, bonding and molecular structure, and basic quantum theory. The laboratory focuses on qualitative and quantitative analytical methods. The following materials will be used in the course: Text: 'Chemistry - Atoms First' (BURDGE) ISBN 978-1-266-28041-3 (this is for the looseleaf/binder hardcopy text) Online Access: ALEKS 360 (can purchase either an 18 week or 52 week access code with the etext on McGraw Hill's website)

Section Expectation

In addition to the time spent in lecture, students are expected to commit to a minimum of 4 hours a week studying course materials and completing homework assignments.


The course will primarily involve covering material from the textbook (‘Chemistry - Atoms First' (BURDGE) ISBN 978-1-266-28041-3]) and going over problems in class. There will also be weekly quizzes, and homework assignments - using the ‘ALEKS 360’ online homework system. There will be four online exams.

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