About EDHI 6210 A

An overview of college and university contexts, including the impact of various environments on student success.


Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

This course will explore the reciprocal relationships between institutional contexts and college student learning, development, and experience. examines the diversity of college students and higher education institutions. Students can expect to learn an overview of college and university environments, including the impact of various contexts on student success, engaging in making personal connections, and professional applications.

Section Expectation

This course relies heavily on small and large group discussions related to readings, experiences, and projects. Students will engage in written and verbal reflection, designing and facilitating classroom activities and discussion, and academic and professional writing.


Grades are based on active and deep course engagement and participation, mini-reflection from assigned documentaries, completion of an ACPA/NASPA program proposal, formal creation and execution of a congressional letter, class facilitation through a choose your own adventure, and culminating in a reflexive musical interpretation (through playlist curation) of student development constructs.

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