About DNCE 1200 A

Guided exploration in dance elements for the creative development of personal movement vocabulary, spontaneous group interaction, as well as overall individual and environmental awareness.


Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

Improvisation in dance is defined as the act of spontaneous composition and performance without previous set of movement as seen in choreography. As the improviser investigates the unknown, many possibilities are created. It is up to the dancer to decide which route to take and which one to let it go.

Section Expectation

This course offers an introduction to improvisation in dance through practice, reading, writing, performance viewing, and performance. The class serves as a movement laboratory to explore various aspects of improvisation focusing on kinesthetic research. Students will engage in score development, inner personal practice, small and large group structures, and site-specific experience. The class will also cover practices on authentic movement, contact improvisation, and the role of improvisation in the post-modern era. It is crucial that students fully engage in their investigations by freeing their minds of judgment and preconceived ideas.


Students will be graded based on the grading matrix explained below and integrated with the attendance policy. Discussion Post: 30 points Creative Research: 40 pts Teamwork (weekly readings, journal, and in-class participation)

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