About CS 2300 C

Builds programming maturity and proficiency through significant projects with spiral development, including program specification, design, implementation, debugging, testing, validation, internal and external documentation. Focus on advanced topics including efficiency, profiling, modularity, extensibility, programming paradigms, design patterns, memory management, and generics. Prerequisite: CS 2240.


Prereqs enforced by the system: CS 2240; Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

This project-based course is separated into four modules. You will learn the details of C++ through a mixture of guided and open-ended projects, oral/written assignments, and other activities. An emphasis will be put on creativity and collaboration. Course goals and objectives include: 1) To master C++ programming. 2) To expand programming knowledge to projects that require multiple languages. 3) To explore event-based programming through C++ graphics projects. 4) To develop the skills necessary to effectively collaborate in teams.

Section Expectation

Every three-week module will be themed and will have lectures, active learning activities, and assignments associated with it. You will be expected to work for 6 hours outside of class each week, per University policy regarding work required for a 3 credit hour course.


This course uses a point-based grading system, where you get to choose which assignments you want to complete to earn points towards your final grade.

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