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The role of research in a marketing information framework. Emphasis on survey research, data collection, and analysis. Experimental designs also examined. Prerequisites: BUS 2500; Business Administration major or minor; Senior or Graduate standing.


Prerequisites: BUS 2500; Business Admin. major or minor; BSAD Senior or Graduate standing; Before enrolling Grad students must receive permission of Graduate College; Open to Degree and PACE students.

Section Description

This course is designed to provide an introduction to basic concepts, methodologies, and analytical tools of marketing research. Students will learn how to translate a managerial problem or statement into a researchable question, select a suitable research design, employ valid and reliable measures, and collect, analyze and interpret data using selected tools. Emphasis throughout will be how research connects the organization to target customers (or markets) through meaningful (i.e., relevant or actionable) information. The course addresses two critical learning objectives within the Grossman School of Business: (1) developing an understanding the role of innovation in creating better products, services, or processes, and (2) and cultivating the ability to solve business problems by acquiring, interpreting, and synthesizing data.

Section Expectation

The course will follow a lecture/discussion format, with a wide range of readings assigned in order to provide introductory exposure to the diverse quantitative and qualitative landscape of marketing research. Students are expected to be prepared to participate in each class session.


Grading will be based on multiple elements, possibly including: homework assignments, class participation, quizzes, attendance, team presentations, mid-term and final exams, and a written project.

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