About PRT 1500 A

Examination of tourism including its economic, environmental, and social effects. Emphasis on planning to maintain the integrity of tourist regions.


First year, sophomore, or JR standing only; Open to Degree and PACE students; Seniors by permission Instructor permission

Section Description

“Tourism” refers to activities that people enjoy outside their regular living environments. It also refers to organized systems of supply and demand relationships. Tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing industries, presenting challenges in sustainable planning and management. As an introductory level private-sector course in the Parks, Recreation and Tourism program, PRT 1500 offers an overview of concepts, topics and case studies related to tourism planning, including: tourism across history; diversity in personal characteristics of travelers; elements of tourism systems; models of tourism growth; tourism development issues; the economic, environmental, social and political impacts of tourism; and sustainable tourism. We examine planning processes that help to maintain and improve tourist destinations, regions, communities, and environments.

Section Expectation

Learning outcomes: By the end of the semester, you will be able to: discuss basic concepts of tourism systems, explain why tourism is a formidable social force, describe components of tourist demand and supply, assess planning models and processes, critique tourism planning cases, and evaluate tourism systems. I expect you to be present for classes; read and keep up with all course readings/materials/activities; and actively participate in class.


Midterm exam (~30%) Final exam (~30%) Short writing assignments/activities and participation (~40%)

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