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Linguistic, acoustic, and articulatory phonetics applied to the description of speech. Stresses use of the International Phonetic Alphabet with English, foreign languages, and disordered speech.


Online Asynchronous; SLP, SLPA, Post-Bac, PACE program participants only or instructor permission

Section Description

This course involves the exploration and study of the pronunciation of American English through the application of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Transcribing the sounds of American English using IPA will include the symbols for phonotactics, suprasegmentals, and consonants and vowel segments in order to examine dialects, phonological processes, and disorders. This course is offered as a prerequisite course for students applying to a graduate program in communication science and disorders. Some course objectives include: 1. Apply strategies to identify the sounds and syllables within words. 2. Describe speech sounds in American English for the purpose of identifying production differences. 3. Use IPA to accurately and consistently represent speech sounds in American English.

Section Expectation

This online course combines video lecture and discussion formats. Students should expect to spend 6-8 hours a week on coursework and required readings outside of class, with additional time for unit assignments throughout the semester.


Grades are based on participation, weekly assignments, knowledge check quizzes, and unit assignments.

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