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Open to Degree and PACE students

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As a foundational course in the College of Education and Social Services, this course investigates the interplay between schooling and society. We examine how children and youth are situated within the context of systems, including their families, communities, and the larger society, that influence their development and learning. We will explore the sociological purposes of schools, their historical development in the US, and the resulting inequitable impact of school organization and policy on the individuals and communities they are intended to serve. Students will apply their understanding of the sociopolitical and historical development of schools to analyze contemporary issues, with a focus on equity, in public education. Students will begin to envision their own role as an agent of change for children and youth. This course is open to all majors and is recommended for those exploring the fields of teaching and other school-based professions, educational policy, or other areas that intersect with education. There are no prerequisites/corequisites for this course.


Assessment for this course is a blend of participation in small group learning, learning checks, and a School & Community Project in which you investigate your own school district and apply the learning from the course.

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