About ARTH 1410 A

Introduction to the visual arts, primarily painting, sculpture, and architecture from the prehistoric through the Gothic. Credit not awarded for both ARTH 1410 and ARTH 1016.


Open to degree and PACE students

Section Description

In an image saturated culture, it is important to be able to approach images and the processes of image-making with a discerning eye. In this class you will be introduced to the basics of western art history from the ancient world to the medieval period. We will cover developments in geographical areas from the Americas to Persia, focusing primarily on regions around the Mediterranean and Europe. Through lectures, readings, and writing assignments, you will see examples of how art historians learn about societies and cultures by examining how people represent themselves through visual culture. We will examine prominent artifacts, works of art, and architecture within the framework of historical and cultural developments.

Section Expectation

With the successful completion of this course, students will develop a familiarity with the timeline of early art history, practice identifying materials, styles, and contexts of art, and think critically about images. This course is an introductory level Art History course. It serves as the prerequisite for upper level Art History courses and also meets the Fine Arts and Humanities General Education requirements for the College of Arts and Sciences.

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