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Analysis and critique of grand challenges in environmental studies with an emphasis on understanding and solving pervasive global and local environmental problems such as global climate change.


Must register for an ENVS 1510 A01 - A10 discussion section; Fee: $35.00; Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

ENVS 002 offers an overview of international environmental issues and solutions. We will examine existing and emerging environmental challenges from diverse ecological, social and economic perspectives to understand the transdisciplinary nature of environmental studies. We will focus on the applied side of the natural and social sciences, as well as the cultural and technological approaches currently deployed to achieve sustainable solutions. We will ask: How are solutions being applied? How equitable are they? What challenges may they impose? How do they address long-term goals of human and ecosystem well-being? Students of all interest areas and majors are welcome in this course, which is a foundational course for the Environmental Studies major and fulfills the University of Vermont’s D2 (Human and Societal Diversity) and Sustainability requirements.

Section Expectation

The four-credit course includes three, 50-minute lectures each week and one, 3-hour lab (discussion and/or field excursion) each week.


Students are assessed through three exams, lecture assignments, weekly writing assignments based on labs, lecture and lab attendance, and lab participation.

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