About CHIN 2200 B

A continuation of CHIN 2100 designed to help students finish learning basic Chinese grammar and gain more vocabulary for daily communication purposes. Prerequisite: CHIN 2100 or equivalent.


Prereqs enforced by the system: CHIN 2100; Hybrid course; Fourth Hour Required Online; Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

CHIN 2200 is the 2nd semester of the “2nd Year College Chinese” at UVM. 1) Based on what is learned in CHIN 1100, CHIN 1200, and CHIN 2100, students will continue to develop communicative competence in Chinese for common everyday purposes and lay a good foundation for learning Chinese in the 3rd Year College Chinese or a Chinese language course at a more advanced level. 2) Understand more basic Chinese grammatical concepts, functions, and structures of the following: the comparison sentence structure; the resultative complement; the directional complement; the potential complement; the existential sentence; the notional passive voice; the passive voice with bèi (被), jiào (叫), or rang (让); the bǎ (把) sentence; the interrogative pronouns of general denotation; compound and complex sentences formed by combining short sentences with conjunctions. 3) Be aware of Chinese cultural connotations imbedded in the texts.

Section Expectation

Students are expected to meet three times a week in class and do online practice during the week. A typical week includes: 1) Monday (face-to-face): New words and expressions and major grammatical concepts; 2) Wednesday (face-to-face): Rhythmic verse recitation, meaningful and communicative practice; 3) Thursday (online): Online practice and translation homework; 4) Friday (face-to-face): Interactive practice and weekly quiz. Textbook: Essential College Chinese Book 2, published by Beijing Language and Culture University Press and Phoenix Tree Publishing Company, ISBN 9781625753106


Attendance, homework, quizzes, and final exam.

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