About CS 3220 A

Architecture of computing systems. Control unit logic, input/output processors and devices, asynchronous processing, concurrency, parallelism, and memory hierarchies. Prerequisite: CS 2210.


Prereqs enforced by the system: CS 2210; Open to Degree and PACE students; Co-located with CS 5220 A; Total combined enrollment: 40

Section Description

CS3220 will provide a thorough and sophisticated examination of various hardware aspects of modern computers, including: virtual memory; instruction-set architectures; instruction-level parallelism through pipelining; caches and cache coherence; threads; vector processors; GPUs and the CUDA platform; quantum computing.

Section Expectation

Students will do written exercises; create software programs that explore different areas of computer hardware; and write short CUDA programs to learn and apply concepts of GPU-based software development. Students will have the option of using a system in the Deep Green Cluster of the Vermont Advanced Computing Core for the GPU-based development.


Student grades will be based on the exams, the written assignments, the programming projects, and attendance.

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