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Continuation of Intermediate Spanish I. Grammar review, moving toward increased proficiency in composition, listening comprehension, pronunciation, speaking, reading, and writing. Emphasis on cultural context. Students may take 1 Spanish course numbered between 2200 and 2209 for credit. Cannot be taken for credit after SPAN 3110. Prerequisite: SPAN 2100 or equivalent.


Prereq: SPAN 2100 or equivalent; Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

COURSE DESCRIPTION SPAN 2200 is a course designed to provide a communicative learning experience that works to expand students' ability to interact with others successfully in Spanish. To achieve these goals, we will devote approximately half of our time to grammar and vocabulary review, and the other half to activities that are geared toward helping students develop the all-important ability to make use of Spanish in their own lives, both inside and outside the classroom, through the development of successful reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension skills. *Language Placement Exam: You will need to take the UVM Spanish placement test and receive a score corresponding to SPAN 2200 to stay in the course unless you have already taken the prerequisite equivalent of SPAN 2100. If you haven't already taken the placement exam (and need to) the link and instructions are here: https://www.uvm.edu/cas/foreign-language-placement-test COURSE OBJECTIVES • speak with your peers about things you have done or would like to do. • speak informally about your opinions regarding a variety of issues and topics relevant to you and your community. • listen to and follow the main ideas of extended conversations on familiar topics. • comprehend the main events detailed in cultural or historical interviews, movies, or oral narratives. • write academic comparisons and reactions with thoughtful use of tense, aspect, and word choice. • read and comprehend authentic articles, descriptions, and brief stories written about cultural, social, and personal topics that employ a wide range of grammatical structures and more sophisticated vocabulary. TEXTBOOK: : Imagina: Español sin barreras. 5th Edition.

Section Expectation

The University of Vermont respects the Department of Education’s definition of a credit hour: for every hour spent in a classroom, a student is expected to complete approximately 2 hours of coursework outside of it. Thus, in SPAN 2200, a 3-credit course, a student should expect to work about 6 hours a week outside of the classroom.

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