About GERM 1200 A

An introduction to all aspects of contemporary standard German: Speaking, listening, reading, writing. Cultural components include topics such as: music, art, literature, and current events. Prerequisite: GERM 1100 or equivalent.


Prereq enforced by the system: GERM 1100 or equivalent; Hybrid course: fourth meeting online; Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

GRMN 1200 takes an innovative approach to language education. With the main goal of helping you develop into a global citizen, this course (following GRMN 1100; completion of this, or equivalent prior knowledge of German, is necessary) continues to engage you with authentic German materials from the start of your language learning journey. Through a dynamic, hands-on exploration of cultural products, practices, and perspectives, you will explore a variety of cultural issues in contemporary Germany while developing skills to communicate effectively in German. An emphasis on personalized content, learning strategies, and reflection skills fosters your development into an effective and thoughtful communicator. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: 1) Interpret the main messages communicated across a range of genres, including: personal interviews and documentary films/videos, feature film clips, short stories, newspaper articles, and infographics. 2) Communicate effectively with others in German on a variety of topics, such as: sport and fitness culture, travel, technological innovations, and migration. 3) Create oral, written, and digital presentations that demonstrate your growing awareness of culture, audience, language functions, and form. "Augenblicke: German Language and Culture through Film, Media and Texts" is the only required book. If you have completed GERM 1100 at UVM, you already have the textbook. If you need the textbook, you can obtain it through the UVM bookstore.

Section Expectation

As a hybrid course, students attend class 3 times per week in-person, and they complete online materials in their own time as the fourth class. Across both platforms, expect instruction and interactions with your peers to be centered around active learning scenarios and meaningful communication. Students should expect to spend 6-8 hours per week outside of the four class times on homework and class preparation.


Evaluation is based on active participation, consistent completion of homework activities, individual contributions to a growing class-based vocabulary list, quizzes, three end-of-module projects, two tests, and a final.

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