About FTS 1320 A

Foundational instruction in how to analyze the aesthetic, social and political significance of film genre. Representative topics: The Horror Film, The Coming of Age Film, The Superhero Film. May repeat for credit with different content. Topics vary by offering; periodic offering at intervals that may exceed four years.


Open to degree and PACE students

Section Description

This is an exploration of what the genre of romantic comedy has to say about the question of love. We will watch many of the most important romantic comedies from yesterday and today, as well as read the most significant philosophical speculations about love. This includes films such as It Happened One Night, When Harry Met Sally, Notting Hill, Hitch, Kissing Jessica Stein, Shop Around the Corner, and Family Stone. We will read Plato, Soren Kierkegaard, bell hooks, Mari Ruti, and others. The class will also listen to the Huey Lewis song "Do You Believe in Love?" every day and try to come up with a collective answer.

Section Expectation

Watch films, read texts, come to class


Weekly reading quizzes, screening notes, 3 exams

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