About PHIL 1120 A

An introduction to philosophy through The Good Place, Michael Schur's TV show about the afterlife. We will take up only a few of the many philosophical topics the show discusses, such as what a good life is and whether we can meet morality's demands.


Open to degree and PACE students

Section Description

This is a class about NBC's philosophy sitcom, _The Good Place_. We will watch the show, read relevant philosophical texts, and discuss personal identity, free will, the afterlife, and what it is to be a good person and have a good life.

Section Expectation

You need to have a way to watch all the episodes of the show. It is available on various streaming services and will be on reserve in the library.


Exams. Details TBD. Last time we taught this, we had three exams. Short writing assignments. Details TBD. Last time we had five or six short assignments.

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