About POLS 1300 C

Institutions, processes, and problems of American government. Credit not awarded for both POLS 1300 and POLS 1013.


Open to degree and PACE students

Section Description

The United States has recently endured one of its most turbulent periods, including a global pandemic, attempted insurrection, and multiple impeachments. This class will address the politics of a country in turmoil, but also how the headlines miss how political institutions at the national, state and local level affect the daily lives of Americans. This course has three major units. The first several weeks examine the history and ideas behind the founding of the United States. Then it considers the structure and functions of American political institutions, especially at the national level. After that it will consider how a number of actors - including citizens, the media, political parties, interest groups, and the international community - interact with public officials to shape the policies the government creates.

Section Expectation

The ultimate goal of the course is for students to develop a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of American government and politics so that they may be both more discerning critics of the system and more informed and reflective participants in it. Therefore, students will confront leading texts in political science, but also contemporary journalism. Assignments will be structured to give students a feel for the work done by policy advocates or entry level employees on Capitol Hill, the White House or in Montpelier.


Students will complete medium-length writing assignments and at least two exams.

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