About REL 1230 A

Introduces Islam in the context of the study of religion, focusing especially on its variation over time and location, as evidenced by texts, rituals, festivals, and competing interpretations.


Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

Islam is, two decades post-9/11, still a feature of the daily news; nearly 2 billion people worldwide identify as Muslims; and Muslims have been a part of the American religious landscape since the slave trade moved Muslim Africans to our shores. No doubt, this is an historic and yet timely topic, very much worthy of our attention. But how much do you really know about Muslims or Islam? This course examines the history of Islam, focusing especially on its variation and diversity over time and location. By examining practices and writings of Muslims in multiple locations, we will complicate the idea that Islam is a discrete, universal set of ideas, practices, or beliefs.

Section Expectation

engaged participation, attendance, active reading, and critical assessment of multiple kinds of literature (primary and secondary sources; films; art; music; cartoons; etc)


reading notes, short media assessment, final

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