About ANTH 1600 A

Introduction to linguistic anthropology, focusing on language and communication as they pertain to human culture and human social interaction.


Open to degree and PACE students

Section Description

The main goal of this course is to provide you with a basic understanding of various anthropological approaches to the study of language. You will learn about how language both reflects and shapes thought, culture, and power. You will also learn how to apply the concepts we study to your everyday experiences with language. While this is an introductory course requiring no background, my expectations of you will be high. The format of most class sessions will be a mixture of lecture and discussion. Please come to all classes ready to engage actively with the readings, and be prepared to apply what you are learning to your own experiences with language in everyday settings.

Section Expectation

• Identify what linguistic anthropology does. • Distinguish the place of linguistics in the study of human cultures. • Recognize the importance of language in what it means to be human. • Employ linguistic and anthropological strategies to interpret discourse and public speech. • Discern the linguistic underpinnings to the acquisition personal and social identity, as well as the participation in all cultural contexts. • Evaluate the socio-political relevance of any use of language, because it’s never “just words.”


Weekly quizzes and final essay

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