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Fundamental principles and problems in the sociological analysis of the structure and dynamics of modern society.


PACE and PBPM students only even after restrictions removed; Degree students enroll in SOC 1500 A; Total combined enrollment = 160

Section Description

This course provides an introductory survey of sociology. Sociology is the scientific study of the patterns and processes of social life and social relationships. The goal is to introduce students to the concepts and subjects of sociological analysis and to ways of "sociological thinking" about the world around us. The course includes the following components: introductory description and analysis of the structures and dynamics of human society; the application of scientific methods of observation and the analysis of groups, intergroup relations, social change, stratification, and social institutions. The first several weeks of the course will be devoted to a discussion of fundamental sociological perspectives on the constitution of society. During the latter half of the course, emphasis is placed on topics and problems in a variety of subfields of the discipline. The primary course objectives are: i) to develop an understanding of theories and concepts in sociology; ii) assess contemporary sociological debates about modern and postmodern society; iii) develop an understanding of the methods used to conduct sociological research.

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