About GRS 1500 A

An interdisciplinary introduction to the social, political, economic, natural, and cultural dimensions of globalization and transnational interdependencies.


Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

This course introduces the transdisciplinary field of Global Studies together with critical concepts and impacts of globalization and the often-divergent ways in which these have been explained and interpreted. Our work during the semester will be organized into 6 thematic units, each posing a key question regarding present and potential future consequences of global-scope processes and the priorities that drive them, along with readings and course activities designed to provide useful context and frameworks for developing your own perspectives on these topics. Case studies in each unit help illustrate the complex ways these issues affect real people’s lives. Active learning and discussion are critical components of this course and of your university education, and the course will include regular opportunities to share your views with classmates through discussion activities including online discussion boards and small group work. Attention will likewise be given to strategies for effective transdisciplinary research as a foundation for carrying out your own group research project using the case-study model.

Section Expectation

Students are expected to attend class and to arrive well prepared to participate in class activities and discussions. To do this, it is essential to complete the assigned readings or other homework prior to class. There will be occasional spot-checks to assess preparedness. Students should spend approximately 7-9 hours per week, including class time, on this course. All course materials are available on BlackBoard.


Graded work includes a group research project/presentation, unit quizzes and short final exam, response papers and discussion board activities.

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