About CDAE 6510 A

Conceptualization, collection and analysis of primary and secondary data; interpretation, and communication of results of applied research and/or evaluation studies for decision makers. Separate lab required. Prerequisite: Three hours of Statistics. Cross-listed with: PA 6030.


Prereq: Statistics Course, Computer Course; Must register for lab A01 or A02; Open to Degree and PACE students; Cross listed with PA 6030 A; Total combined enrollment 25

Section Description

Through a combination of lectures, discussions, exercises, and labs we will consider several stages of the research process, starting with problem definition, followed by research design, sampling, data analysis, and finally interpretation and reporting of findings to various audiences. You will be guided through a series of complementary readings and writing assignments designed to support research skill development and help advance your independent graduate research. Lab exercises will introduce you to the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), one of many powerful computation tools for statistical analysis and visual representation of data. Exams and a final research project will hone your understanding of social science methods, develop your ability to make informed choices around research design and implementation, and ultimately help strengthen your graduate thesis (if applicable) and future research efforts.

Section Expectation

1. Students will understand the roles of hypothesis-driven interdisciplinary research in academic pursuits and in policy and management. 2. Students will review, learn and expand quantitative and qualitative analysis skills and apply them to inform their thesis work. 3. Students will develop effective written communication skills to transmit research findings to stakeholders and the public, including professional data visualization and writing. 4. Students will be able to apply research methods knowledge and skills to their own research efforts and other scholarly and applied pursuits.


Regular attendance, completing assigned readings, and participating in class discussions and lab exercises are essential for success in this course. Attendance will be taken through interactive class exercises and periodic self-evaluations, which will also allow you to provide feedback on course content and assignments.

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