About BUS 3580 A

Examines the cultural, economic, historic, and political factors that affect the analysis of foreign markets. Specific attention is given to the processes by which market entry decisions are developed and implemented. Prerequisites: BUS 2500, Business Administration major or minor; Minimum Junior standing.


BSAD majors or BSAD minors only; Minimum junior standing; Prereq enforced by the system: BUS 2500; Open to Degree and PACE students.

Section Description

The objective of this course is to introduce you to international marketing and to provide you with analytical tools and an understanding of what firms and managers need to know to compete in an increasingly global economy. We will accomplish this by discussing the core body of knowledge on globalization, culture, foreign entry modes, and other marketing topics such as product development, pricing, distribution, promotion, etc. from a cross-national and global perspective. Our coverage of the field is applied and from the perspective of the individual manager or the firm engaged in global business expansion. It is hoped that, as a result of successfully completing the requirements of this course you will have a better understanding of the following questions: (1) What is globalization and what are some of the pros and cons of globalization? (2) How do CAGE (cultural, administrative, geographical and economic) factors influence a firm’s global expansion strategies? (3) How are emerging markets different from developed markets? (4) How can marketing strategies be devised to incorporate these differences?

Section Expectation

The course will consist of ongoing participation in class, one team project, three case studies and three exams.


Grading structure Method Points Date Participation 50 Continuous Case analyses 50 See course schedule Team project 100 See course schedule Midterm Exam #1 100 See course schedule Midterm Exam #2 100 See course schedule Final Exam 100 See course schedule TOTAL 500

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