About CEE 4600 A

Theory of precipitation, run-off, infiltration, and ground water; precipitation and run-off data; and application of data for use in development of water resources. Pre/Co-requisite: CEE 3600 or CEE 3615.


Open to Degree and PACE students; Prereq/Coreq enforced by the system: CEE 3600; Technical Elective (Civil, Env); Colocated with CEE 5990 A; Total combined enrollment = 45

Section Description

The hydrologic cycle and relevant atmospheric processes; water and energy balance; radiation; precipitation formation; evaporation; vegetation transpiration; infiltration, storm runoff, and flood processes. Routing of runoff and flood waters. Groundwater flow and the hydraulics of wells. Numerical simulation of subsurface flow and pollution transport. Risk analysis and probabilistic modeling, and basics of extreme-value theory. Data analysis and design in water resource engineering.

Section Expectation

This course combines a lecture format with some discussion. There will be two in-class mid-term exams, and a final exam. Except when there is a mid-term exam, a weekly problem set will be assigned that will require about 4-8 hours of time outside of class per week. The course does not require a textbook.


Expected grading: 2 exams: 30% each Homework: 40%

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