About FTS 1420 A

Introduction to basic film history, theory, and analytical skills. An historical overview of classical international cinema.


Open to degree and PACE students

Section Description

This course provides an overview of the history of cinema from its inception until 1945. Topics will include: the invention of motion picture and the establishment of a film industry; the birth of narrative films and developments in the use of cinematic technique; the early melodrama and the race film; Soviet montage and German Expressionism; and the emergence of genres (comedy, melodrama, and noir).

Section Expectation

Each week, students will be expected to view one film and submit their screening notes (a 250-word essay). Screening times will vary according to the films shown, but no screening runs longer than 2 hours 30 min. There will be three exams and quizzes. Required books and films for this course are all available through Black Board.


Quizzes 20% Screening Notes 20% Three Exams 20% (each)

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