About HSCI 1100 OL1

An introductory investigation of public health that explores the development and scope of the discipline of public health, and issues that have been raised with regard to the practice of public health.


Asynchronous Online Course; Open to all majors; Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

This foundational course provides background about the discipline of public health, the scope of work and the preparation of public health workers. Through cases and controversies around public health the student will be introduced to the development of the field, examine the ways in which public health is protected, and develop an understanding of the ethical, educational, and practical issues surrounding public health work. This course is not meant to provide an in-depth introduction to the concepts and methods of public health work but to give a general understanding as a basis for work in any health field or profession. By the end of this course, a student will be able to: 1. Recognize basic public health vocabulary, history, infrastructure, and concepts. (Remember) 2. Describe the biomedical basis of public health. (Remembering) 3. Explain a public health systems approach to a health issue. (Understanding) 4. Summarize analytical methods and data sources used in public health. (Understanding) 5. Explain the role of the environment, social, and behavioral factors on the health of a community. (Understand) 6. Discuss emerging public health issues. (Understanding) 7. Use public health information and data to describe a public health issue in a community and potential ways to address it through the delivery of the core functions and essential public health services. (Apply) 8. Perform professional public health skills including effective and appropriate communication, collaboration, problem solving, and critical thinking. (Apply) The course will be delivered on-line through Blackboard. The course will have weekly learning modules that include lectures, required reading and videos, discussion board, and activities. There will also be a service learning component to the class.

Section Expectation

This course is student-centered and focuses on learning the material in engaging methods. Students are expected to be prepared and to participate in the course to optimize and be responsible for their learning. Professional behaviors include attitude, preparedness, civility towards fellow students’ opinions and participation in class discussions. Students are responsible for all material covered in the course as well as the material presented in the required readings and assignments. Instructor will devise interesting and experiential activities to apply what is being taught and make every attempt to meet the learning styles of the class.


Assignments (7 points each) 28% Discussion Board (4 points each- 2 initial post & 2 response post) 12% Student Presentation 12% Student Presentation Discussion Board (1 point for each presentation post) 8% Poster Project 20% Midterm Exam 10% Final Exam 10% TOTAL 100%

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