About CDAE 1030 A

This interdisciplinary course introduces students to the culture, history, diversity, geography, and the impact of ethnicity, poverty, and oppression on development in the Caribbean and Central America.


Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

The design of this syllabus will cover the region and diaspora in terms of: Geography, Historical Perspectives, Languages and other Cultural Identities, Economical Viability, Globalization, Environmental Issues, Political Influences and International Relations. During the semester students will hear from guest speakers who are experts on development in the Caribbean and Central America. This class is taught by Dr. Patrick Brown a native of the Caribbean and a UVM faculty member since 1999.

Section Expectation

Students at UVM who successfully complete CDAE 1030, an interdisciplinary course that draws on diverse perspectives and provide an understanding of the range of history and experiences that have shaped Caribbean and Central American Society and Cultures, will develop a better understanding of the issues relevant to understanding development of the Caribbean and Diaspora Regions. Students will also be able to write thoughtful scholarly essays and contribute to discussions, reflecting on the factors which have shaped the development of the Caribbean and Central America. Students will be expected to attend one off campus diversity presentation and report back to the class.


Grades will be based on Class attendance and participation, mid-term exam, oral individual and group presentations, reaction papers and a final exam.

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