About CEE 2100 A

Stress, strain, temperature relationships, torsion, bending stresses, and deflections. Columns, joints, thin-walled cylinders. Combined stresses and Mohr's circle. Prerequisite: CEE 1100 with a grade of C- or better or CEE 1150 with a grade C- or better. Co-requisite: MATH 2248. Cross-listed with: ME 1140.


For Civil & Mechanical Engineering Majors and Environmental Eng, BS Engineering & ENGT; Prereqs enforced by the system: a C- or better in CEE 1100; Other prereqs (not enforced by the system): CEE 1150 with a C- or better; Coreq MATH 2248; Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

This course introduces the fundamental principles on mechanics of materials, including the equations for static equilibrium, concepts of stress and strain, stress-strain relations for linear elastic materials, stability, and energy methods.

Section Expectation

1. Understand the concepts related stress and strain for engineering applications 2. Analyze the stress distribution in axial, torsion and bending loading conditions 3. Understand Mohr circle and principle stresses 4. Learn the fundamentals of column stability and beam deflection


Homework, Midterm, Final exam, Project

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