About CEE 3610 A

Performing various laboratory studies of flow and hydraulic machinery determine index; computer modeling of hydraulic systems; associated laboratory and project report writing and presentations. Co-requisites: CEE 3600 or CEE 3615.


Coreq: CEE 3600; Must register for CEE 3610 L01; Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

“The course is designed to provide insights to the topics related to fluid mechanics and hydraulics via experimental approach. The experiments are designed to help students understand the hydrostatic forces on a submerged object, flow through an orifice, pressurized flow, open channel flow, Reynolds number, and centrifugal pump characteristics through various hands-on experiments. The experiments are designed to provide essential understanding of the materials and useful tools to future engineers.

Section Expectation

Understand the basic concepts in hydraulics, learn technical writing skills, participate in collaborative projects, learn how to use specific hydraulic equipment, apply computer coding knowledge to a practical problem.


A report of 1-2 pages plus appendices on each experiment, quizzes completed after recitations.

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