About CEE 5700 A

Virtual work, energy theorems, analysis of structures by the displacement method and the finite element method, non-linear structural analysis. Project-based. Prerequisite: Graduate student or Instructor permission; content knowledge of structural analysis (such as CEE 3700) assumed.


Prereq: Graduate standing or instructor permission; Content knowledge of structural analysis (CEE 3700) assumed; Open to Degree and PACE students; Technical Elective (Civil);

Section Description

This course prepares students to use matrix methods to analyze linear three-dimensional statically indeterminate frame and truss structures by the flexibility and stiffness method. The course also introduces students to the following advanced topics: modeling and analyzing structures using commercial software, stability and collapse mechanisms in structural systems.

Section Expectation

1. Develop an expertise in the use of matrix methods (flexibility and stiffness) to analyze linear three-dimensional structural systems subject to static loading. 2. Develop expertise in applying computer programming for structural analysis. 3. Develop expertise in judicious use of commercial software for structural analysis. 4. Introduce the concept of stability of structural systems. 5. Introduce plastic analysis and collapse mechanisms of structural systems.


30% assignments 25% midterm exams 25% project 20% final exam

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