About PSS 1150 A02

This lab provides practical, hands-on horticultural skills both in and around the home. Co-requisite: PSS 1100.


Co-req: PSS 1100; Open to Degree and PACE students; PLEASE NOTE: this optional lab does not meet the lab science requirement for CAS majors; Lab fee: $15; The fee includes Safety Glasses, Ear/Hearing protection, and Work Gloves;

Section Description

To provide students with basic horticultural skills to enable them to have a better understanding of the care and use of plants in and around the home, including turf, ornamental flowers, trees and shrubs, vegetables, herbs and home garden fruit plants. Most of the labs are conducted OUTDOORS. This is the HANDS-ON component that supplements the lecture (PSS1100). The lab is a "stand-alone" course however, PSS1100 Home & Garden Horticulture lecture should be taken concurrently with the lab or have been taken previously (as PSS010).

Section Expectation

After taking this lab, students will be able to properly manage ornamental and edible plants in the home landscape (indoors and out). This will include proper watering, fertilizing, pest management, plant selection, and selecting the right plant for the right place. Additionally students will be able to make their own compost and compost tea, as well as propagate a variety of plants through seeds, cuttings, layering and grafting. They will also be able to identify herbs, annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs commonly used in home landscapes.


Your grade for the course will be determined by your attendance at all 12 laboratories with weekly quizzes. The lowest 2 quizzes will be dropped. The lab quizzes will be worth 80% of your grade. Attendance and participation is worth 20% of your grade.

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