About HST 1440 A

An introductory survey of the history of Chinese and Japanese civilizations from their Neolithic origins until the twentieth century.


Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

This course is a broad introduction to major topics and significant themes in East Asian history with a primary focus on places we now call China and Japan. Significantly, we will explore the history of both from a comparative perspective that stresses the impact and influence of each society on the other, an approach that help us transcend the intellectual limitations imposed by the political boundaries of the modern nation-state. In doing so, we will interrogate problems of knowledge and representation relevant to anyone desiring a complex and compassionate understanding of our shared human past. Moreover, through the exploration, analysis, and interpretation of primary source historical materials (written documents, visual art, literature, physical structures, material artifacts, etc.), students will practice fundamental skills related to historical thinking.

Section Expectation

Reading Materials: Required: Brief primary source excerpts made available through our Blackboard space. Recommended: Albert Craig, The Heritage of Chinese and Japanese Civilization. (Custom edition produced specifically for this course by Pearson Education, Inc.) A digital PDF edition of the book will be posted in our course Blackboard space. Exams: The course is organized under three thematic units and an exam will be administered at the end of each one. The exam format will be a combination of multiple choice, matching, true/false and fill in the blank questions. The professor will provide study guides in advance of each exam and review sessions will also be held to assist students in exam preparation. Blackboard Sessions: At several points throughout the semester (see course schedule) students will participate in a web-based activity through the Blackboard system in place of a regular classroom meeting. Each individual session must be completed on the day assigned, and an overall grade for Blackboard participation will be assessed at the end of the semester. A student who completes all five Bb assignments satisfactorily, will earn full credit for this element of the course (five assignments X 2% each = 10% of the final course grade) Participation: Attendance at all class meetings is expected and required. While the class list will not be recited every day, short in-class quizzes will be given on occasion (at the instructor’s whim) to monitor attendance. Missing three or more of these quizzes will result in a deduction of 10 points from the third exam grade. Missing five or more of the quizzes will result in a deduction of 20 points.


Evaluation: Exam #1 (30%), Exam #2 (30%), Exam #3 (30%), Blackboard Sessions (10%)

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