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A continuation of CHIN 1200 designed to give students more basic Chinese grammar and vocabulary for daily communication purposes. Prerequisite: CHIN 1200 or equivalent.


Prereqs enforced by the system: CHIN 1200; Open to degree and PACE students; Fourth hour required online

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CHIN 2100 is the first semester of the "2nd Year College Chinese." Students will: 1) Continue to develop communicative competence in Chinese for daily purposes based on what has been learned in CHIN 1100 and CHIN 1200 and be able to speak with correct tones and write with good penmanship. 2) Understand basic Chinese grammatical concepts, including the complement of degree with de 得; auxiliary verbs huì 会, néng 能, kěyǐ可以, yīngāi应该, le 了and their usages; the time-measure complement; the aspect particle indicating experience guo 过; the subjectless sentence the continuous aspect of an action zhe 着; and comparison with bǐ 比. 3) Be aware of Chinese cultural connotations imbedded in texts.

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This is a hybrid course. Students are expected to meet three times a week in class and one time online to work on a new chapter/lesson: 1) Monday (face-to-face) for new words and expressions and major grammatical concepts; 2) Wednesday (face-to-face) for rhythmic verse reading and communicative practice; 3) Thursday (online) for online speaking practice; 4) Friday (face-to-face) for interactive practice. Speaking and/or writing homework is assigned regularly for each class meeting to assist students in attaining the learning objectives of the chapter/lesson. Textbook: Essential College Chinese Book 2, published by Beijing Language and Culture University Press and Phoenix Tree Publishing Company, ISBN 9781625753106


Attendance, homework, quizzes, and final exams.

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