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Continued practical work in all language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing), with more analysis of the structure of Russian. Continuation of cultural components. Prerequisite: RUSS 1200.


The fourth meeting of this course is asynchronous online; Open to degree and PACE students; Pre req: RUSS 1200 or equivalent

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Russian 2100 is the first semester of a yearlong intermediate course; each semester is worth four credits and meets four times/week (the 4th (Tuesday) session is asynchronous or online). In Russian 2100, students will complete the textbook «Между нами», which contextualizes the “standard” basic grammar of Russian—all the cases (singular and plural) with their essential usages, as well as the basic verb system (present, past, future of imperfective and perfective verbs)—within a communicative narrative frame. As a student enrolled in this 3-semester sequence of «Между нами» (Russian 2100-2200), you have frequent opportunities to: • Hear Russian spoken at natural speed in the text of each textbook episode; • Interpret and respond to information in simple authentic Russian texts, both printed and recorded; • Write to friends or present about yourself, your background, your family, your home, your hometown, and other familiar topics; • Interact in Russian on a variety of topics (your interests, habits, feelings, preferences, academic work and career plans), using the spoken language creatively to talk about yourself and ask appropriate questions of your conversation partner(s); • Conduct basic transactions with Russian speakers (setting up a meeting, issuing invitations, asking for and directions or advice, ordering food); • Navigate Russian websites and develop strategies for understanding a variety of Russian text types, including brief news articles, encyclopedia entries, poems, and songs; Over the course of Russian 051, you will also continue to discover new perspectives on the culturally rich communities of Russia and the former Soviet Republics, engaging in the “5 Cs” of language learning: Communication, Cultures, Comparisons, Communities, and Connections.

Section Expectation

By the completion of this course, all of you will have achieved an ACTFL proficiency level of “Novice High” in speaking, listening, reading, and writing (can communicate with formulaic or memorized utterances, lists, and high-frequency phrases). Most (if not all) of you will have achieved “Intermediate Low” in one or more of these areas (can create with the language, asking and answering simple questions on familiar topics and participating in casual conversations). For more information on the ACTFL proficiency rating system, see here: https://www.actfl.org/resources/actfl-proficiency-guidelines-2012


Class Attendance: regular attendance (including Tuesday’s hybrid) 5% Active Class Participation: evidence of improvement 10% Daily Homework completed on time and with care 15% Quizzes vocabulary, grammar, comprehension checks 10% Unit Tests two in-class unit tests @ 10% each 20% Oral Components, Videos, Compositions, and Projects 20% Final Exam + Final Project @ 10% each 20%

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