10 Benefits of Career Coaching

By Amanda Wormann


Making the decision to dive into a career change is something to be proud of, so congratulations on taking the first step. At this point, you’ve likely spent hours fine-tuning your resume, updating your LinkedIn profile, and scouring the Internet for great job opportunities in exciting fields. This process can feel daunting and time-consuming and can often leave you feeling like you’re not getting anywhere. You know you want to make a change, but you’re not sure where to start. Enter your career coach.

With the help of a career coach, you can create an actionable roadmap toward finding the job of your dreams and gain confidence in the process. “A degree or certificate is a great first step toward launching a new career, but alone does not guarantee a job in a chosen field,” explains career coach and recruiter Sue Schlom. “Finding a job is hard work, and you need a focused job-search strategy to be successful,” she says.

UVM’s Career Coaching optional online course, is offered in tandem with a professional certificate program at UVM and is useful for folks who are looking to make career shifts or change industries. Job seekers will learn skills to leverage their work and school experience into a career. Critical skills include gaining knowledge about the job market, building a compelling resume, networking effectively, and interviewing flawlessly.

The benefits of working with a career coach are numerous, but here are a few of our favorites.

Benefits of Career Coaching

1. Learn critical skills required in today’s work environment.

Today’s work environment is ever changing, and to be successful in your job-search strategy, it’s crucial to have an understanding of the skills that will best position you for success. As an experienced recruiter, your career coach has years of experience identifying prospective employees and will work with you to ensure you are prepared for your next step.

2. Build confidence and define your value proposition.

We are so close to our work that often, when looking to make a change, it’s hard to take a step back and understand how your unique background and experience can lend itself to the job for which you are applying. By working with a career coach, you can identify your value proposition, articulate why you would make a good hire, and stand out from your competition.

3. Build a powerful and relevant resume.

Simply updating an existing resume and sending it out to multiple companies and positions is rarely successful. Instead, your career coach will help you build a resume that showcases your understanding of the role for which you are applying and the needs of the organization. Communicating how your experience can bring value and emphasizing skills relevant to the role are important in standing out among hundreds of resumes.

4. Make informed decisions about the evolution of your career.

Sure, moving into a sales role in the craft beer industry sounds like a dream, but how will your next move position you to meet your short- and long-term career goals? Your career coach will help you understand the evolution of your career and identify the appropriate steps to get there.

5. Set goals and build a roadmap to your destination.

Goal setting is essential to make progress in your search. Your career coach will help you identify where you are headed and create benchmarks to get there.

6. Build connections.

As a participant in one of UVM’s certificate programs, you’ll have access to our diverse network of program partners, allowing you to tap into industry leaders and veterans to unlock a world of possibilities.

7. Gain lifelong career skills.

While UVM’s Career Coaching Course is designed to give you the skills and resources to take action immediately, the career skills learned will have the longevity to grow with you as you progress in your career.

8. Launch a career in a new field.

Put your new education to use in an internship or full-time job by looking and learning at the same time. The Career Coaching Course is split into two parts, class time and one-on-one coaching sessions. This mix allows you to learn and execute simultaneously, so if you’re eager to find an internship or job right away, you won’t have to drag your feet.

9. Prepare for interviews with an experienced recruiter.

Job interviews can be intimidating, and preparation is imperative. Take the mystery out of the interview process by prepping with your career coach, who has years of real-life recruiting insights to help you succeed.

10. Help craft your story to land your dream job.

What does your current job in finance have to do with launching a career in the beer industry? Your career coach will identify and highlight the value in your prior experience to craft a story that brings relevance to your journey. Creating your personal brand helps you stand out and makes you desirable to employers.

Amanda Wormann is a freelance writer and digital marketing consultant.

This article was originally posted in October 2015.