Checklist for Student Success in Online Non-Credit Courses

Before your Class Begins

Brightspace Resources – Brightspace Learning Management Software (LMS)

Getting Help or Technical Assistance
UVM Knowledge Base articles about Brightspace
For help logging into your Brightspace account, contact
Contact the Student Services team
For other technical issues, please reach out to the UVM Tech Team

Duo Multifactor Authentication
In some of the guides linked to on this page, you may see references to Duo Multifactor Authentication. Please note that if you are a student in the GIS program, you will be required to set up Duo with a secondary device. If you are taking a different noncredit program, you will not be required to use Duo, and you can disregard those notes.

First Day of the Program

  • Plan to spend time orienting yourself to the course, course layout, structure and expectations
  • Print a copy of the course syllabus
  • Introduce yourself to the class.
  • Find the lectures and assignments
  • Add all due dates and important program related dates into your personal calendar

Time Management Tip

Plan to spend anywhere from 5-20 hours per week working on the program.

Every Week of the Program

  • Know the day of the week when a new week or module begins. Be sure to log in that day to identify your assignments for the week
  • Set aside time in your daily schedule to log in, complete course work, assignments and/or participate in online discussions
  • If you have questions or need help with course content, do not delay in reaching out to your instructor
  • Do not fall behind in your coursework. It is hard to catch up
  • Develop a time management strategy
  • Check your grades

End of Program

  • Complete the end of course evaluation
  • Celebrate!