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Professional Certificate

Launch Your Career in The Craft Beer Industry

UVM-CDE-Business-of-Beer-Pint-Glass-ICONThe Pint is Half Full.

In 2014, overall beer sales were up only 0.5% while craft beer sales increased by 17.6%. As of September 2015, the US surpassed 4,000 breweries, the first time the United States has crossed this barrier since 1873. Meanwhile, Vermont ranks number one in the nation for the most breweries per capita, making UVM the perfect place to begin your career in the craft beer industry. (Brewers Association, 2015)

If you are thinking about a career in the craft beer industry, now is the time.
The Business of Craft Beer Certificate Program was developed in collaboration with the Vermont Brewers Association. It is an ideal fit if you are looking for a career change or advancement, or have dreamed about opening your own brewery and want to make it a reality. This program will provide you with industry specific knowledge directly from craft beer experts across the country.

“To meet the challenges of the complex issues facing breweries today, having the foundational business skills and operations systems in place…are key to success.”
Instructor Heather Pilkington

Program Highlights:

  • Learn from those who have the career you want. All instructors and guest speakers currently work in their respective industry, and some even live, drink, and breathe craft beer.
  • You can keep your day job. All required classes and discussions are offered online and in the evening to accommodate busy schedules.
  • Get your foot in the door. An optional apprenticeship and career coach is the perfect way to top off your certificate, and may be just the ticket to launch your new career in craft beer.

“The UVM Business of Craft Beer Program made national headlines in a 2016 story highlighting the need for high-level knowledge in the competitive craft beer industry.”
- From the Chicago Tribune. Read full story