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Certificate in Computer Software

Program Overview

The Certificate in Computer Software Program allows you to enroll in courses that suit your interests and experience and offers a highly flexible curriculum.

Students can select from tracks in:

All courses receive University credit and may be applied towards a UVM degree.

Students use the certificate to improve their chances for employment or career advancement in IT-related fields, as well as other fields where Computer Science skills provide an advantage, receive certification prior to entering or while working towards a degree in Computer Science, or prepare for graduate studies in Computer Science.

Enrolling in the Certificate

Anyone with a high school diploma or equivalent is eligible to enroll. Students may enroll in the certificate at any time before, during, or after taking courses that will be applied to the certificate.

It is, however, recommended that students enroll prior to beginning coursework to ensure that they are properly advised and that their selected courses are approved by a faculty advisor from the Department of Computer Science.

Courses in the Certificate in Computer Software are offered live (face-to-face) on the Burlington campus unless specifically designated as online.  Online instruction allows students to access these courses from anywhere,  at any time during the day or night using a computer.

Time Required to Complete the Certificate

The time it takes to complete the certificate varies with each student’s background and course selection. Typically, three to five semesters are required, with students taking one to two courses per semester. Because of course prerequisites, it is not possible to take all five courses in one semester. There is no time limit to complete the certificate.


The Certificate in Computer Software requires completion of at least 15 credits (5 courses) in advisor-approved computer software courses, including CS 21, with a grade C (2.0) or better in each course.

Students may transfer a total of 3 credits (1 course) from another institution. Please note that students must be matriculated at the time credits are transferred.