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stressed out college student
Meeting Students’ Basic Needs: an interview with Adam Jussel of UVM Legal Issues in Higher Education Conference

UVM’s Legal Issues in Higher Education Conference is one of the nation’s leading conferences on issues affecting college and university campuses. Throughout the four days of the conference, in... Continue Reading

Vermont Womenpreneurs
Applying a Framework for Project Management: An interview with Mieko Ozeki

As a project manager, Mieko Ozeki considers herself an architect of ideas. She takes the raw materials of a project—vision, scope, timeline—and builds something for her clients.... Continue Reading

Global Public Health
How Global Public Health Careers Help Make a Difference

“Global health is about improving the health of communities worldwide.” Dr. Kelsey Gleason Working in global public health offers the opportunity to help vulnerable populations and improve... Continue Reading

Emily Wills Companion Animal End of Life Doula
Language Arts Teacher Finds Opportunity to Fulfil her Passion for Animals in End-of-Life Care

Emily Wills, a middle school language arts teacher, considers herself a lifelong learner. When she was faced with the loss of her beloved golden retriever in February... Continue Reading

Democracy in the Kitchen John Dewey Kitchen Institute
John Dewey Kitchen Institute Creates the New Paradigm: Play in the Classroom for Greater Learning

Democracy in the Kitchen: John Dewey’s Education Through Cooking and Eating begins on July 6 and runs for four weeks virtually. Content is available on-demand when it... Continue Reading