Communication Sciences and Disorders (Speech-Language Pathology) Pre-Masters Track

Speech-Language Pathology Pre-Masters Track

UVM Continuing Education offers an online certificate program to serve the needs of students interested in working towards a Masters of Science degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders (Speech-Language Pathology) but who do not have the necessary undergraduate coursework to matriculate.

Limited financial aid is available for this program.

Prerequisites for UVM’s Graduate Program

The pre-masters program consists of six courses necessary for admission to the Masters of Science program in Communication Sciences and Disorders (Speech-Language Pathology) at UVM.

  • Courses are offered online. 
  • Program is designed to be completed in a maximum of three semesters.

You need not be enrolled in the Speech Language Pathology Assistant sequence or to be in the process of applying to the UVM masters program in Communication Speech Disorders in order to take the prerequisite courses. Courses may also be taken individually.

Coursework May Be Transferrable

While geared specifically for the requirements of the UVM Masters program, these courses may also satisfy requirements of other graduate programs in Communication Speech Disorders (Speech Language Pathology).

Prior to enrolling in the prerequisite track courses, it is incumbent on the prospective student to check with your intended college or university’s MS in Communication Science Degree (Speech Language Pathology) prerequisite requirements, if you are not planning to apply to UVM’s program.

This will ensure that the University of Vermont prerequisites, and this particular online course sequence,  meets the requirements for admission, as requirements vary from institution to institution.

Also note that a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution and satisfactory performance on the GRE are required for admission to UVM’s Masters degree program.

Additionally, applicants must complete 25 hours of observation and all prerequisite courses or their equivalent before entering the Masters Program.

Prerequisite courses are listed below:

  • CSD 022 – Introduction to Phonetics OR *LING 165 – Phonetic Theory and Practice
  • CSD 023 – Linguistics for Clinicians or LING 080 – Introduction to Linguistics
  • CSD 094 – Development of Spoken Language
  • CSD 101 – Speech & Hearing Science
  • CSD 281 – Cognitive Neuroscience
  • College Level Statistics (e.g., STAT 111)

*not offered online

Transfer Credits

Students may request a transfer of 3 credits (1 course) that is comparable to a course in the sequence. The Program Coordinator will determine whether or not Communication Science courses outside the sequence meet the expectations for the program.

If the transfer request is for a Statistics course, students will need to send a syllabus from the course they took to the Program Coordinator so the course may be reviewed by the UVM Statistics Dept. for determination of comparability. If approved, and should the student wish to apply to the UVM Communication Science Masters program, a transcript from the college or university where the Statistics course was taken should accompany the student’s application.

Financial Aid information: For students taking courses required for graduate admission to UVM:

  • Available financial aid: Limited Federal Stafford Loan funding may be available. Contact Student Financial Services for details.
  • Restrictions/requirements: Aid eligibility is limited to a single, continuous 12-month period. A student must be enrolled in at least 6 credits per semester to receive aid. Students who have previously received financial aid for non-degree coursework are ineligible.
  • Getting started:
    1. Complete the FAFSA online at
    2. Watch for an email notifying you of outstanding requirements on your account. Once you receive the email notice, access your student account and complete the Non-Degree Certification (Intent to Enroll) requirement.

Summer 2014

CSD 094 OL1 (online)
  • Kathleen Ross
to N/ASee Notes 360259
CSD 271 OL1 (online)
  • Elizabeth Adams
to N/ASee Notes 360212
CSD 272 OL1 (online)
  • Elizabeth Adams
to N/ASee Notes 360213
CSD 281 OL1 (online)
  • Michael Cannizzaro
to N/ASee Notes 360214
CSD 281 OL2 (online)
  • Michael Cannizzaro
to N/ASee Notes 360722
LING 080 OL1 (online)
  • Maeve Eberhardt
to N/ASee Notes 360072
LING 080 OL2 (online)
  • Emily Manetta
to N/ASee Notes 361142

There are no courses that meet this criteria.

Fall 2014

CSD 023 OL1 (online)
  • Charles Barasch
to N/ASee Notes 391836
CSD 094 OL1 (online)
  • Kathleen Ross
to N/ASee Notes 392400

There are no courses that meet this criteria.


Sequence of Online Coursework for Prerequisite Track:

Fall Spring Summer
CSD 023 Linguistics for Clinicians CSD 101 Speech and Hearing Science CSD 281 Cognitive Neuroscience
CSD 94 Development of Spoken Language specific CSD 22 Introduction to Phonetics STAT 111 Elements of Statistics
CSD 271 Intro to Audiology and/or CSD 272 Hearing Rehabilitation. Strongly Recommended