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Current Students

At UVM, we understand how important your educational goals and aspirations are, and we strive to honor the level of commitment you are making as you embark on your journey toward completing your Graduate Public Health online degree. That is why we offer personalized educational and professional support in a variety of ways throughout your time at the University of Vermont. Through both our advising services and our dedicated faculty, we are here to support you.

Personalized Advising & Planning:

Victoria (Vika) Pleshakova, M.Ed. Senior Enrollment and Retention Adviser
Victoria (Vika) Pleshakova, M.Ed., Senior Enrollment and Retention Adviser

I look forward to supporting you as you work through the Master’s degree or Certificate of Graduate Study in Public Health. Let me take this opportunity to share some information about myself. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and Master of Education from UVM. I have been advising students on their academic plans for over 10 years, and I am passionate about education, humanities, and life-long learning. In my role as an Advisor, I am here to provide one-on-one support throughout your tenure in the program. I look forward to getting to know you and helping you through the program in the way that works for you!

Personalized Career Resources:

Heather Palow, M.Ed., ACC, Career Development Coach
Heather Palow, M.Ed., ACC, Career Development Coach

We are so excited to have you continue your life long education journey with UVM and this program! As a career coach, trainer, and career communications writer – I have deep experience in the field of career and professional development. My coaching approach is to provide support specifically designed to meet your career and professional goals within the field of public health.

I support both current students and Alumni so feel free to reach out to me if you’d like career support or have specific career document (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn) questions! I look forward to working with you to help hone your personal brand, showcase your transferable skills, and facilitate positive changes in your career as you move through the program and beyond.

Connect with me on LinkedIn or via email. For individual phone or video conference appointments, please schedule using the following link:

Connect with your fellow MPH students, Alumni, faculty and staff on our UVM Graduate Public Health Program LinkedIn group page!

Student Success Resources:

We want to share some relevant student success resources that may help as you get started in the program.

Since the semester’s start, UVM graduate students have visited the Graduate Writing Center to

  • Revise a collaborative research article’s introduction and methods sections to better spotlight and situate the investigators’ specific research story
  • Understand and apply an advisor’s comments in revising a policy analysis draft
  • Get feedback on a reflective statement introducing a professional portfolio
  • And much more ….

Virtual Community Space:

The University of Vermont utilizes the Blackboard platform for all courses and announcements. The MPH program developed a virtual community space for students in the Blackboard learning management system. Students are encouraged to introduce themselves and build connections with one another on this site. It also serves as the current student repository for the MPH Handbook, curriculum maps, and other resourceful documents. Faculty and staff regularly post important announcements on the site, ranging from course registration reminders to paid internship opportunities.

Library Information:

The Dana Medical Library serves The Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine at The University of Vermont and the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. The Library subscribes to approximately five thousand of the most important and impactful electronic biomedical and health sciences journals, and, in conjunction with the University of Vermont’s general academic library, has access to thousands more.  Librarians at the general academic library, with expertise in disciplines such as social sciences, business, and agriculture, are also available for consultation. Librarians offer asynchronous online instruction for selected library databases and software. Library staff are available during all of the library’s operating hours (98 hours per week) to address any access problems and answer basic reference questions.

Public Health Awards:

Academic Excellence Award: This award is presented annually to a student in the LCOM Public Health program who has maintained an overall GPA greater than 3.5, has consistently demonstrated academic excellence and shown a commitment to the field of public health. Nominations are made by faculty members and reviewed at a program faculty meeting.

Achievement in Public Health Practice Award: This award is made annually to an MPH student who has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to advancing public health practice, including working effectively in teams. Nominated students are not required be current healthcare or public health practitioners, but should demonstrate their commitment through engagement with the Public Health program and possibly in other ways. Examples of commitment and excellence can be drawn from collaborative projects in core courses and/or in the culminating project. This award is for a single student that fostered collaboration, showed a high degree of commitment to team goals, demonstrated leadership consistent with their role on the team, and made a substantial contribution to an excellent team product. Nominations are made by student peers in the LCOM Public Health program and are reviewed by Public Health program faculty.

Linda Dorey Service to Public Health Award: This award is given annually to a student, staff person or faculty member in the LCOM Public Health program who has demonstrated a high level of service to the program, the university or public health more broadly. Nominations are made by current or former MPH program faculty or staff, and are reviewed once a year by a committee consisting of faculty and staff.

Deadline for nominations: May 3rd, 4:30 PM.
Eligible recipients: Please see each award description for information regarding eligible recipients.
Nominating person: Please see each award for those eligible to make nominations, although we request no more than one nominated student per person.

Click below to submit your nominee today!
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