The Top High School Paid Internships

high-school-paid-internshipsThe experience you gain through an internship will help you establish credibility on your resume and can help you qualify for a higher-ranking position when it comes time to advance your career. So it comes as no surprise that college students and recent grads aren’t the only candidates applying for internships. High school students are also looking to become the next superstar interns.

The most coveted high school paid internships in the world

When it comes to applying for an internship, high school students may have to put in a little extra work to prove their readiness to employers. “For students on the internship circuit, you know that to get a great internship is wonderful,” writes Elizabeth Hoyt, the editor, contributing writer, and social media manager at Fastweb. “To get a paid internship is to [be] considerably lucky. And, taking it further still, to get one of the following internships, is to hit the jackpot.” Hoyt is referring to some of the most coveted internships in the world, including those for Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. Sounds like a dream, right?

Not only are these internships among the most coveted in the world, but these organizations pay as much, or even more, than most employers for entry- and mid-level positions. In fact, an Apple intern could earn close to $6,000 a month, along with free housing and eligibility for benefits, meals, and more.

How to find an internship you’ll value

Simply put, Apple and Google aren’t for everyone, and these opportunities aren’t the only ones out there that can provide value or support your college fund. To find an internship that you can value, begin by thinking of the careers that interest you the most. While you don’t have to be 100 percent sure of the career you want to pursue in 10 years, you may have a handful you’re curious about, so start there.

Once you have a list of potential organizations, turn to their websites to see if they offer internships. Better yet, see if any are offered strictly to high school students—trust us, they exist. Remember that the goal of any internship is to explore potential career paths, acquire lifelong skills, and set yourself up for success by the time you graduate from college. Plus, working as an intern will help you to meet a variety of professionals you may not have met otherwise.

For more information on the top internships, check out Hoyt’s article and get started on your cover letter and resume. Good luck!