The Benefits of Volunteer Work for College Applications

volunteer-work-for-college-applicationsToday’s students are looking for unique ways to differentiate themselves from other candidates who may be applying to the same program, trying for the same spot on the varsity team, or running for the same student-government seat. So what can help you stand out from hundreds of other applicants? The solution is simple and rewarding: volunteering.

Volunteering can provide a number of benefits, including distinguishing yourself in your college application. Through volunteering, you can showcase your skills and talents through your commitment to service. But perhaps the largest benefit is that volunteering can uncover a new interest or passion that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, easing the process of finding a topic to write about for the college essay, or even selecting a major.

Furthermore, the chance to help others and improve the community is not only rewarding, but also helpful in discovering a new level of confidence or responsibility. One organization leading that spirit is Lion’s Heart. Founded in 2004, the non-profit community service organization is dedicated to delivering a unique opportunity for students in grades 6 through 12 to give back.

Use Your Volunteer Work for College Applications: Spotlight on Lion’s Heart

The organization’s mission statement says it all: “…dedicated to organizing, inspiring, and empowering teens to serve the community in fun and meaningful ways, while promoting leadership, accountability, and teamwork.” By providing participants an opportunity to give back through a charity of their choice, Lion’s Heart helps young people feel empowered to serve their community. The truth is, Lion’s Heart isn’t just a foundation for gaining experience through volunteering. It’s about gaining the right skills to make a difference.

The act of volunteering can be extremely rewarding and even benefit you on your college application. But when you can tie that experience to the bigger picture and your passion—say, for sustainability or healthcare—that’s when the real reward shines through.

For more information on Lion’s Heart, or if you’re interested in getting started, submit your request today.