As a reminder, the President’s June 15 memo, subsequently accepted by the Board of Trustees, stated that travel is restricted and only essential research and University business travel will be approved on a case by case basis.

This new addendum to the existing UVM Travel Policy offers guidelines for allowable domestic and international travel for academic and UVM business purposes, as well as for leisure travel that will affect an employee’s work due to mandatory quarantining.

While these activities are an important part of the academic life of the institution, the current pandemic requires that travel rules be carefully reviewed and considered. The policy statements and chart below offer guidance on both academic and administrative travel for students, faculty, and staff. The situation will be reviewed in late fall 2020, and spring 2021 guidelines will be issued at that time, with the understanding that the situation is fluid and subject to change as the Vermont Governor’s Office and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) requirements are updated. For this reason, students, faculty and staff should not purchase tickets for spring 2021 travel until spring 2021 guidelines are available. The policy of holding travel expenditures made on PurCards pending approval of travel will continue until further notice.