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Mexico: Exploring Health Care and Culture; Learning Through Immersion in Oaxaca

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Course Location:
Program Dates:
Spring 2018
Travel Dates: 3/10/18 – 3/18/18
HLTH 210 or GRNU 435 - 3 credits - This course is approved for D2 diversity credit.
Carol Buck-Rolland
The program fee is $962. Airfare is additional. As an undergraduate, tuition is considered part of your spring course load unless you register for more than 18 credits. Students are responsible for obtaining the appropriate vaccinations, including any associated costs. At the time you are admitted, you will be required to submit a $500 non-refundable deposit.
Graduate students or advanced undergraduate standing with Instructor Permission Required. Please contact the instructor for further consideration.

This course will explore, compare, and contrast current concepts of health status and health care delivery, including cultural health care practices in Oaxaca, Mexico and the United States. Students will explore and gain an appreciation for cultural diversity by exploring the social, psychological, medical, and historical trajectories of Oaxacan and U.S. perceptions within the overarching theme of health. Our investigation is collaborative with Mexican expertise, integrating speakers, presentations and discussions through online and group field study. Our local community situation and travels to Oaxaca will expose us to teachers, activists, migrants, practitioners, and humanitarian enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds enabling individual insight and reflection. By discovering the ideologies, policies, and practices of culture and health care in cross-cultural contexts, we hope to better serve, and enable optimal health care to all our patients. Preference will be given to graduate students and undergraduate students with senior level status.