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Plan a Course

When considering whether you’d like to lead a Travel Study course there are some questions you should ask yourself and that we like to think we can help you find answers to:

What are my responsibilities as a Faculty Director?

Leading a program abroad is much more than just teaching a class. Read this information to find out more about the obvious and not–so–obvious tasks related to being a Faculty Director.


  • Complete the Travel Study Course Proposal Form and obtain signatures of approval
  • Program planning and budget creation
  • Arrange program logistics
  • Recruit and accept students
  • Attend health and safety/risk management workshop with OIE/CDE
  • Hold at least 2 pre–departure meetings with all students

While abroad

  • Hold an on–site orientation
  • Keep track of student arrival and departure
  • Assess/address student behavior
  • Uphold the academic integrity of your program
  • Be vigilant of student health and safety
  • Keep in touch with the Office of International Education

Post program

  • Encourage students to complete student evaluations facilitated by CDE and OIE
  • Tally and report grades
  • Complete a program review
  • Work with CDE to reconcile your budgets
  • Plan for potential future program

How do OIE and CDE (Continuing and Distance Education) support my program?

You’re not going it alone. The Travel Study Team is here to help you.


  • Review proposed programs
  • Meet with faculty to discuss in detail the program, itinerary, and logistics
  • Assist in budget and program fee development
  • Advise students on study abroad in general, helps direct students to specific programs based on interest, major or minor and discusses other issues related to the study abroad experience.
  • Develop, distribute, and process student registration packets and waivers
  • Distribute pre–payments for transportation, housing, facilities, sightseeing activities, cultural events, etc
  • Process travel authorization and cash advances
  • Provide Faculty with packet containing student health and emergency contact information, health insurance information, SOS International Cards, and passport copies.
  • Offer a mandatory health and safety/risk management workshop
  • Preparation with Faculty for student pre–departures

While you’re abroad

  • Assist in emergencies
  • Assist in problem–solving unexpected situations, including judicial issues

Post program

  • Conduct student evaluations
  • Debrief with faculty
  • Aid in reconciling cash advance and program budgets
  • Plan for future programs

How can CUPS (Community– University Partnerships and Service Learning) help support my program?

Thinking about incorporating a hands–on community–based project into your course, or having your students do research with the community you’ll be visiting? If so, consider consulting with the CUPS office. From faculty training to incentive grants, curriculum consultation, and their TA program, CUPS provides a wealth of support for engaged programs. http://www.uvm.edu/~partners/.

How Do I Develop A Program

Travel Study Process Timeline

For New Course Development

Process begins 12-18 months prior to departure date

  • Faculty Director (Faculty Director), CDE and OIE review need for course and the potential for sufficient student enrollment (review availability of current Travel Study courses for viability, marketability, similar courses, geographic location)
  • Faculty receive a copy of Travel Study Proposal Form
  • Faculty submit Travel Study Course Proposal with appropriate approvals to OIE (due dates follow deadlines listed below) (Repeat courses begin the process here)

Travel Study Proposal Deadlines: (with Department Chair and sponsoring Dean approvals & support)

Course term Deadline
Fall January 15
Winter May 15
Spring May 15
Summer August 30

Development Process

After Travel Study Proposal has been approved

  • Faculty Director & Travel Study coordinator finalize budget; budget certified by CDE and program fee established
  • Chart string established
  • Marketing plan established and implemented
  • Travel logistics initiated—vendor contracts established
  • Submit a recruitment plan

Recruitment Process

  • Faculty Director promotes class through informational sessions, posters, websites, OIE study abroad fair, fliers and posters, classroom visits, department notices etc.
  • OIE submits program fees for accepted programs to Student Financial Services

Student Acceptance/Registration Process

Class should be filled no later than 2 months before departure

  • Faculty Director selects students
  • Students complete the pre -Registration and pay non–refundable deposit to CDE by set deadline as directed.
  • Faculty Director directs the students to book the appropriate flights and collects the flight itinerary for each student.
  • Instructor gives override to students to enroll via BANNER. Students are charged balance of program fee and tuition
  • Students should have valid passport. Some countries require traveler to carry passports that are valid six (6) months beyond their dates of travel
  • Faculty Director advises students on visa acquisition
  • Student visits to Travel Clinic

Pre–departure Process

  • All Faculty and TA attend a mandatory health and safety/risk management workshop for faculty leaders organized by OIE and Continuing Education
  • Final course itinerary submitted to OIE
  • Pre–payments to TPP (Third Party Provider) utilizing programs fees (lodging, transportation, etc)
  • Pre–departure orientations with students are held
  • OIE completes Travel Authorization and Cash Advance requests using PeopleSoft.
  • Faculty registers students with State Department

1 week prior to course departure:

  • Cash advance picked up at Cashier’s office by faculty member
  • Final course rosters & SOS cards issued

Program Takes Place

  • Faculty Director keeps in contact with OIE/CDE and alerts UVM of any problems or crisis following the emergency response protocols document.

Post Program

Within 15 days of return:

  • Complete listing of receipts submitted to OIE no later than 15 days upon return for reconciliation
  • CDE will facilitate student evaluations and review with Faculty Director
  • Faculty Director will be asked to complete a questionnaire
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