This course is now closed. Inquire to get information about when it will re-open.

Safety & Support

A UVM China Student Services Coordinator will be on-site with the UVM class for the duration of the program. The Coordinator will be hired with a background in international education and administration of study abroad programs. He/she will supervise the class, supporting our orientation in Vermont prior to departure, and will in residence in China for the duration of the semester program. The Coordinator will also be responsible for addressing any administrative or behavioral issues that may arise, program logistics, and support faculty in helping students process their intercultural experience.

Ocean University’s International Programs Office supports 1500 international students per year, mostly European students who attended for extended periods of study. With a staff of 15, they are well equipped to support the UVM program and serve as a partner in our administration of the semester abroad program.

Transportation: Airport pick up; to and from Ocean University

Orientation: Local orientation materials including city map, emergency card, taxi card and welcome dinner

24 Hour Assistance: Should any problems arise at any time during the program, UVM/Ocean staff members will be available on call anytime day or night!

Qingdao from the water