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Program of Study

Chinese language 4 or 8 credits

Chinese Language – Weekday morning Mandarin classes (4 days per week)

CHIN 001 – Elementary Chinese I
A study of Mandarin Chinese designed to give students the fundamentals of the sound and writing systems for developing modern Chinese communicative skills. No prior knowledge expected.
Credits: 4

CHIN 002 – Elementary Chinese II
A continuation of CHIN 001 designed to give students basic Chinese grammar and vocabulary for daily communication purposes. Prerequisite: CHIN 001 or equivalent.
Credits: 4

Additional Chinese courses may be available based on a student’s previous study. All students will complete two Chinese courses over the fall semester.

Qingdao Skyscrapers

Qingdao Skyscrapers

GRS 095 Foundations of Chinese Culture
This course explores the foundations of Chinese culture, covering a variety of cultural topics geography and people, foundations of Chinese thought, Chinese art, literature, architecture, and social life. Through the course we will study the different aspects of Chinese culture, how the traditional values and practice relate to today’s society, and how to understand the common Chinese people and Chinese society based on a cross-cultural and historical perspective.
Credits: 4
Professor: Associate Professor Wang Haijun

BSAD 195 China Internship
Develop an understanding of China’s business environment through an independent work project. Our unique approach is for a team of three students, two from UVM and one from a Qingdao-based University, to work on a pre-determined research assignment for an area company or non-profit organization. This 12-week project will be largely self-directed, conducting independent research as a team then meeting with the company once a week to report on progress, gain feedback and further direction. You will relate your academic learning to actual business practice, with the following benefits:

  • Immersion in a professional cross-cultural business environment
  • Application of research by working on a discrete company-specific project.
  • Greater understanding of business processes in China
  • Increased professional skills
  • Enhanced ability to recognize your career preferences and abilities and match them with appropriate career-related choices
  • Heightened awareness of cross-cultural differences in the business context
  • Improved skills to successfully cope with these cross-cultural differences to achieve business goals

Credits: 3

Internship Types

  • Busines Administration, Management
  • Education
  • International Trade
  • Environmental Studies
  • English as a Second Language
  • Tourism

BSAD 195 Business Management in China
The objective of this course is to introduce students to major facets of Chinese business management in an era of ever-increasing globalization from both a ‘micro’ and a ‘macro’ perspective. At the ‘macro’ level, the global competitive efforts of Chinese businesses will be examined, especially with regard to the strategies they pursue to effectively compete in the global market. In addition, how they compete in the domestic market will also be discussed, especially with regard to how they market their products in China, focusing on the idiosyncratic marketing practices in China. At the ‘micro’ level, the dynamic interplay between traditional Chinese socio-cultural values and modern (Western) business practices will be surveyed, offering ‘snapshots’ of contemporary Chinese management practices in the making.

This course will be conducted in a seminar format.
Credits: 3
Professor: Xibao “Tony” Zhang, PhD, Professor