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 Xibao “Tony” Zhang

zhangDr. Xibao “Tony” Zhang is a Professor of International Economics and Trade at Qingdao University. Noted for his leadership roles on multiple executive boards and for his advanced publications in both English and Chinese, Dr. Zhang has received recognition for his research in international business, finance, and corporate culture. Dr. Zhang’s work in cross-cultural business has resulted in research grants to pursue studies in corporate social accountability, labor rights, multinational business,strategy and profitability of state-owned foreign firms, among others. His research has won a number of awards at the National and University level. He is an active member of the International Association of Chinese Management Research, as well as acting Director of the Board of Shandong World Economic and Trade Research Association and Senior Director of the Board, Qingdao International Economics and Trade Association. Dr. Zhang has traveled extensively and participates in many international academic exchange programs.

Haijun Wang

haijunWith a firm grounding in linguistics, literature, and cross-cultural studies, from her Master’s degree at Shandong University in China, Ms. Wang Haijun is practiced in bilingual studies. As a Professor of Chinese History and Cultural Studies, she has taught at the College English Department of Qingdao University, where she has given lectures on a variety of topics for Chinese students at the undergraduate and graduate level. She has had the honor of supporting cross cultural learning as an international visiting faculty member at Missouri State University (2010-2011) and at the University of Vermont since 2009. Through her support of visiting international students, Haijun has experience working with students at various levels of linguistic ability. Additionally, since 2007 she has served as Associate Professor and since 2012 Supervisor of postgraduate students in the English Department at Qingdao University. She has served as Director of Shandong Translation Study Committee and as Director of Qingdao Translators’ Association.

Chunhua Ma

Ma-chunhuas-edited-photoMa Chunhua received her PhD in Modern Chinese Literature at Shandong Normal University. Dr.Ma has considerable experience in linguistic and cultural teaching, research, and publication. As an Associate Professor of Chinese Language and Literature at the Ocean University of China, in Qingdao, China, Dr. Ma Chunhua has given lectures on topics including Feminism Theory, Visual Culture, Contemporary Literature, Understanding the News, and Developmental language courses. Having taught Chinese language in the Department of Sinology, at Hanla College, in Korea, Dr. Ma Chunhua has experienced intercultural learning first hand. Dr. Ma has published over 30 research papers and two books about culture, literature, and feminism. In 2008, she received the Contemporary Chinese Literature Association Prize for Best Book, Allegory of China – Wang Anyi’s Novel in the View of Cultural Studies, which also received the Chinese Feminine Literature Association’s prize the following year.

Michael Gurdon, Ph.D., Academic Director

mgurdonMichael Gurdon, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus of Business Administration at the University of Vermont. His scholarly research has largely focused on global employment relations issues. Michael created a very popular International Management elective which was offered annually from 1988 to 2012. He also led and co-taught the Doing Business in China course over the past five summer sessions and in so doing has developed a deep familiarity with China and specifically with Qingdao, the location of the semester abroad experience.